Efficacy in Dogs

Field Study: Proven pain control for up to 72 hours following canine CCL* surgery¹

In the clinical field study involving 182 client-owned dogs, the primary variable for effectiveness of NOCITA® (bupivacaine liposome injection suspension) was evaluated over the first 24-hour time interval. Results demonstrated the percent of treatment success for NOCITA was statistically greater than the placebo-treated group at the 0-24 hour time interval (P = 0.0322). Secondary variables were evaluated through 48 and 72 hours, and support effective use of NOCITA for up to 72 hours of analgesia following canine CCL* surgery.

For dogs that were deemed treatment failures over any time interval, the failure was carried forward to all subsequent time intervals. Therefore, the time intervals for evaluating treatment success are equivalent to 0-24 hours, 0-48 hours, and 0-72 hours.

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Effectiveness Results in Dogs

Primary endpoint 0-24 hrs68.8%
Secondary endpoint† 0-48 hrs64.3%34.6%
Secondary endpoint† 0-72 hrs61.6%
† Failures carried forward from each previous interval

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Safety Results from Field Study in Dogs

Study results demonstrated safety and that NOCITA was well-tolerated in dogs.1

Adverse ReactionNOCITA
N = 123
N = 59
Discharge from the incision4 (3.3%)
0 (0.0%)
Incisional inflammation (erythema and/or edema)3 (2.4%)0 (0.0%)
Vomiting3 (2.4%)0 (0.0%)
Abnormalities on urinalysis (isosthenuria ± proteinuria)
2 (1.6%)0 (0.0%)
Increased ALP2 (1.6%)0 (0.0%)
Surgical limb edema ± erythema1 (0.8%)3 (5.1%)
Soft stool/diarrhea
1 (0.8%)1 (1.7%)
Inappetence1 (0.8%)1 (1.7%)
Fever1 (0.8%)0 (0.0%)

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We began using NOCITA on canine patients undergoing cranial cruciate ligament stabilization surgeries and have been very pleased with the results. NOCITA has quickly become standard protocol for analgesia on our CCL procedures.
Veterinary Surgeon, Milwaukee, WI
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canine CCL

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  1. NOCITA Freedom of Information Summary, NADA 141-461, 12 AUG 2016.

*Cranial cruciate ligament