Efficacy in Cats

Clinical field study: Up to 72 hours postoperative pain control following onychectomy in cats1

In the clinical field study involving 241 client-owned cats, the primary variable for effectiveness of NOCITA©(bupivacaine liposome injectable suspension) was evaluated over the first 24-hour time interval. Results demonstrated the percent of treatment success for the NOCITA-treated group was statistically significantly greater than the placebo-treated group, (P = 0.0322).

Secondary variables were evaluated through 48 and 72 hours and support effective use of NOCITA for up to 72 hours of analgesia following owner-elective feline onychectomy.

Effectiveness Results in Cats

Primary endpoint 0-24 hours75.2%40.3%0.0252
Secondary endpoint 0-48 hours68.7%34.7%0.0395
Secondary endpoint 0-72 hours68.4%35.3%0.0452

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Safety Results from Field Study in Cats

Demonstrated safety as a peripheral nerve block1

Adverse ReactionNOCITA
N = 120
N = 121
Elevated body temperature8 (6.7%)5 (4.1%)
Surgical site infection4 (3.3%)1 (0.8%)
Chewing/licking of surgical site3 (2.5%)2 (1.7%)
Diarrhea2 (1.7%)1 (0.8%)
Injection site erythema1 (0.8%)0 (0.0%)
Swelling of paw; erythematous digits1 (0.8%)0 (0.0%)
NOTE: Surgical site is NOT injection site

How to Administer NOCITA

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  1. NOCITA Freedom on Information Summary, Supplemental NADA 141-461, 03 AUG 2018.