Differentiating pain from dysphoria doesn't have to be part of the post-op experience.

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Control your patient's post-operative pain with the only long-acting local anesthetic to keep them comfortable even after going home.

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Canine post-operative pain

NOCITA Mechanism of Action

The extended-release bupivacaine technology used in NOCITA consists of multivesicular liposomes composed of hundreds to thousands of chambers per particle encapsulating aqueous bupivacaine.

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Controlling Post-Surgical Pain

Post-surgical pain can typically be well controlled in patients using a multimodal analgesic protocol. Most dogs and cats that undergo surgery are discharged within 24-48 hours. Analgesics must be prescribed and/or delivered that provide continued pain relief in the home environment.

Manage post-op pain
For major surgeries, we no longer have to adjust our moment-to-moment pain treatments during the recovery period. We get even and reliable post-operative pain control.
 Michael C. Petty, DVM Canton, MI
feline post-operative pain
feline post-operative pain